my stupid keyboard

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Pointless
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I’m am currently thinking of ways to destroy my keyboard. You see, about two weeks ago the letter “L” and the semicolon key started sticking together. So now when I type Philippians 4:13 it looks like “Phil;ipians 4L:13.” Every time I hit one of those keys I have to go back and correct it. Not good.

I’ve currentl;y narrowed my destruction options down to the fol;l;owingL:

1) Smash it with a basebal;l; bat in honor of “Office Space”

2) Tie it to the back bumper of my truck and go mud bogging

3) Douse it in gasol;ine and l;ight it on fire.

4) L:eave it in my kids’ pl;ayroom (probabl;y the quickest way I know to destroy something)

5) Feed it to a wood chipper

Pl;ease pray for me as I consider these important options.

  1. jonathangroover says:

    Option 3 is my favorite. I did that to a calendar an exgirlfriend gave me one time after we broke up. It made me feel a lot better!

    Glad you’re blogging!

  2. Sam says:

    I didn’t know you were blogging! Awesome – keep it up…

    Though the fire thing sounds fun and I personally am fascinated by burning things (but not people’s houses, mind you), I must choose option 5. Though it would only last a moment, the intesity of the experience would be riveting! Plus you have all those keys subject to popping off and flying in arbitrary directions…


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