not a christian band?

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Music
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I’m sitting here listening to a live recording of one of the Christian metal bands I used to listen to as a kid called Bloodgood. Their hair was high, their outfits were cheesy but man they could preach. Common song topics were suicide, spiritual warfare, consequences of sin, and lordship. They were very theatrical in their presentation and would often act out the death and resurrection of Jesus at their shows. I’m listening to him preach the word right now and wondering how many heavy bands in Christian hard music today would be willing to do this. At one point in the concert, he gets the whole auditorium totally silent and whispers “God speaks in the quiet place. When you pray you have to go to the quiet place and learn to be silent so you can hear his voice.” How cool is that?!

I hear the “we are Christians in a band, not a Christian band” argument all the time and I understand the reasoning. Its a perfectly normal desire not to be pigeon-holed and labeled. But really, is there a difference? Isn’t Christ infused into every single thing a christian says and does, even if its their job? Could I get away with saying I’m a Christian and youth pastor but not a Christian youth pastor? Or I am a Christian and husband but not a Christian husband? Aren’t those things the same? Don’t I take Christ with me into those activities/jobs/relationships?

I’m not gonna call out and denigrate those bands that choose to keep their faith private even though they come in contact with thousands of unsaved people every year. Thats between them and God. And while I think that there is a time and place for music to just be music without any other purpose, I can’t help but wonder how many more people would be saved right now if there were more ministry bands like Bloodgood around today.


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