great minds think alike?

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Pointless
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I always think its funny when people use the phrase “great minds think alike.” You know, two people thought or said the same thing and when they realize it, they laugh and say “hey, great minds think alike.” Now, I realize people aren’t being serious when they say that. But whats so funny to me is that since the vast majority of people don’t have great minds (except you, the reader of this blog!:) ), thinking the same thing as someone else is more likely proof that you’re both average at best. We should really say “idiots think alike!” Wouldn’t a great mind be alone in their thoughts? That’s what makes them great, right?

  1. nauri says:

    I could never understand that, either. Whenever someone says it to me, I say, “I wouldn’t know, I’ve never met another, but it’s cute how you aspire.”

  2. Sheri says:

    so, is the first person to speak up, the “head idiot”? i am very curious to hear your answer, jamie; cause this morning your dad had a great idea. i had already thought about it, but he mentioned it first; and i was thinking “great idea larry, amazing how we were both thinking the same thing” : )

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