todd bentley and the lakeland revival: the aftermath

Posted: September 19, 2008 in Christianity
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Ok, so a few weeks back I posted on how I was disgusted with the reaction to the news that Todd Bentley and his wife were separating. You can find that here. Basically I was upset that so many people had received this news with apparent glee since it proved their anti-Lakeland stances correct. No one seemed to care that a man was being destroyed (whether it was his own fault or not).

So now its been a few months and more information has come out – specifically, the separation was due to an emotional affair he had with a woman other than his wife. With this came realizations that this had been an issue in the past and Todd had been restored. Well, he slipped back again and now the Lakeland revival is no more. Services have stopped and Todd is on permanent hiatus. It seems to have blown up as fast as it blew in.

I received an email from a friend that Dutch Sheets had written about the whole incident. You can read that here.  He basically apologizes to the Body of Christ on behalf of…well, the Body of Christ. I thought it was a little self-serving but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He called for greater discernment among leaders and asked that we not be so quick to throw caution to the wind and embrace anything that looks like revival. I really didn’t mind the letter because it seemed pretty balanced and wasn’t either of the typical “I told you so” or “touch not God’s anointed” speeches that seem so prevalent.

But here’s what I want to get to: why did this happen? I’m not interested in being right. I’m not interested in who had a “check in their spirit,” who called it first or what anyone thinks about Todd Bentley. At best that’s inconsequential and at worst its godless pride. What I wanna know is how can a man who led others to the Lord, saw miracles and energized the charismatic church so quickly and effectively fall so far so suddenly? What about the countless others we’ve heard of – from Ted Haggard, Ray Boltz and Michael Guglielmucci to the glory days of Bakker and Swaggart. What about the many local pastors whom you and I have never heard of who slept with secretaries, divorced wives, stole money, and lived secret lives? What about the Christian musicians who do the same? Why does this happen so regularly to the leaders in the body of Christ?

I’ve been thinking about that and I will be posting several articles called “Why Do Ministers Fall” exploring the topic over the next few weeks.

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  2. Deacon says:

    Usher: How is it that this oh so young man assumes that Todd Bentley was ever a man of God, saw miracles and had a righteous life before being exposed and destroyed (as man sees it)?

    Deacon: Because Usher, the world sees the church as unquestionable and gives it the benefit of the doubt until it performs heresy, destroys myriad souls and feeds itself with the monies of the naiive. Bentley, Copeland, Dollar, Cymbala, Meyer, Hinn, Roberts and countless others are nothing more than gypsies selling snake oil. There is some inherent weakness in man to want it all to work out for the good so they believe it, fund it, throw their lives into it and then are mystified when it’s all smoke and mirrors!

  3. Connie Embleton says:

    I believe given the right circumstances, we’re all capable of just about anything. I can’t presume to know where Todd Bentley is/was at. What I do know is that if don’t stay walking humbly with our God, in complete and total dependence on Him, putting no confidence in the flesh (ours or anyone elses), we are all at risk of falling into temptations. Look at David, look at Solomon…look at Noah, Abraham, just about any ‘man’ of God. None of us are immune….in and of ourselves we can do nothing…only as we lean on Him, minute by minute, will we walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lusts of our flesh. We all have them…

  4. Stephen says:

    My friend, many ministers “fall”, because they have a carnal soulish nature, as well as a redeemed spirit. The problem is that we put them on a pedestal, and are shocked when they have the same problems as the rest of us.

    The reality is that we need to focus on the big picture (the Body of Christ), instead of individuals. There is no reason that the Florida Outpouring could not be continuing to this day, except that people didn’t pick up the mantle Todd dropped, and continue with the revival, in spite of whatever Todd did.

    This is an indication of lack of maturity in the Body of Christ: we should have leadership that is able to step in for someone, if they have “fallen”, and continue with what God is doing. Instead, it seems that people are taking sides and debating the revival, rather than keeping it going.

    I was blessed by the Outpouring, and continue to be blessed watching it via I hurt for Todd, but I hurt just as much for what the Body of Christ is missing, by focusing on what Todd did or did not do, rather that focusing on what God did, and wants to continue to do. There is no reason that the revival cannot continue; there are plenty of gifted individuals associated with Fresh Fire Ministries, who are capable of carrying on the work – perhaps they are, and I just am not aware of it – if that is the case, praise God!

    In any case, we have to get rid of the idea that our pastors, etc., are above the common temptations of man, and realize that we are all in this thing together. Let’s gather around Todd and encourage him, rather that debating why this happened. Let’s pray for Todd, with a caring heart. At the same time, let’s continue pressing into God, instead of being disillusioned or discouraged. That is what I have chosen to do.

    I still watch the Outpouring online to this day, and am filled with the presence and glory of God. This whole thing was, and is, about God and the entire Body of Christ, not just Todd. Let’s experience the grace of God together, and make Todd an example of the Grace of the Body of Christ. Amen.

  5. AriseMyLove says:

    In Todd Bentley’s case, ministers fall because they are under the sway of what jesus warned against: false prophets and false teaching of the spirit of Jezebel, who teaches sexual immorality.

    It happened before with almost the same cast of characters.

    Che Ahn anointed a young minister James Stalnaker, to a Hollywood church. 2004. Cindy Jacobs, Jill Austin all the Apostolic Prophetic Cult “leaders” of Lakeland types… kept prophesying over the guy.

    Then, he’s found out to be molesting about a dozen young men in his office, while he’s playing the prophetic tapes.

    This is ancient Baal worship. That is what Bentley’s mentor was caught doing at the Anaheim Vineyard.. Bob Jones was prophesying over naked women in his church office while he was molesting them.

    Paul Cain, another of Bentley’s mentors was into the same thing. Praying against homophobia in the straight men he was molesting!

    Yet this RIck Joyner/Sheets/Jim Goll/Chuck Pierce /Wagner false movement called Jones and Cain the two end times witnesses of the Bible!

    This is why Bentley fell. He was targeted for his own prior rape of a young boy and for beating his mom up when he was a kid. Jones and Cain led him to that demonic “angel” Emma. Jones was on the phone with Bentley every night throughout the “revival”. This is the fruit of the spirit of demonic, false prophesy… SEXUAL IMMORALITY.

    I did not gloat over Bentley’s fall. I predicted it in late May because the Lord had me really examine and analyze Jones Cain Hamon Wagner Joyner. Dude, they are AntiChrist. This is the promised Apostasy, the great falling away of the Bible. Watch out and do the research on what they really believe. They believe in William Branham’s false Manifest Sons of God and Latter Rain heresies…

    End Time Delusion = Lakeland Outpouring.

  6. Deacon says:

    Usher: This guy Stephen is smokin’ somthin’ that ain’t legal. How absolutely misled can a guy be? He has not a clue, he just wants it all to work out. He should join the circus.

    Deacon: I wonder if he knows that pastors are not the head of the church? I wonder if he knows anything about the origin of the church?

    Usher: Obviously not! Maybe you can sell him the new revival version of the bible – it’s available on newstands everywhere – the titles change, the authors change, but they sell them out every time they come. It’s called Marvel comics!

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