Posted: June 10, 2010 in Family
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I am currently posting some of the funny sayings my children have said over the years. My wife and I keep a running list for each child and we frequently revisit them for a good laugh and to add to them. I already posted quotes from my oldest son, Ethan. Now we turn to my middle child – my precious daughter Eva.

Here is the current list of “Eva-isms”:

Look, its Panda! (Pointing to Santa)

Daddy, Mommy washed your wonderbear! (underwear)

(Crying) I can’t see my neck! (Yes, she was genuinely upset to the point of tears that she couldn’t see her neck. We had to get a mirror for her.)

Eva: I want ice cream. Jamie: You have to eat real food first. Eva: I want real ice cream.

(After passing gas) I just breathed out of my bottom. My bottom took a breath.

Jamie: How does Jesus come into your heart? Eva: He goes in through your eyes and slides down the back of your throat.

Eva: Jesus lives up there (in the sky). Tiff: Yeah but if you ask Him, he’ll come live in your heart. Eva: No, my heart is all full with apple juice, milk and water.

My nose is running – I need a tennis shoe (tissue).

Mommy, I have a nut in my hair. (a knot)

I spy something black. (while playing “I spy” in the wal-mart checkout line, pointing at the black lady that was the cashier)

(Singing) ABCDEFG,HIJakin, little bit of pee…

Today was free drugs day at school. (Drug-free day)

“Your love is amazing, tacos and some bacon…”  (Singing the praise song that goes, “Your love is amazing, steady and unchanging.”)

Mommy, Jesus took our sickness so we don’t have to be sick…and He still has it. He’s just got it.  And He died for us too. He’s just sittin’ there dead.

Ow, my balls! (After getting hit in the privates while playing)

I mean, why do we keep growing? Its not like we’re magic or anything.

Mommy, I don’t have much cents. (While counting her money in her piggy bank)

Never trust a man who cuts the grass.

The President of the United States is Brock O’Bottom.

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