Posted: June 14, 2010 in Family
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Ok, on to the last of kids’ the “isms” posts. Now its time for the list of funny quotes we keep for our youngest son, Isaac. If you haven’t already, check out the lists for my other children, Ethan and Eva. To be honest, this seems a little premature as Isaac just turned 5 and this list is just starting to get good. Maybe as we keep adding stuff, I can post updates.

Here is the current list of “Isaacisms”:

Mommy, look I have big nibbles (while holding Tiff’s bra against his chest)

No, you can’t find it cause its white and we can’t see the color white.

I need some piracy (privacy – while using the bathroom)

Isaac: “I need my blanket to cover up my pirates because my pirates are big.” Tiff: “What made your pirates big?” Isaac: “I had not one, but two cupcakes at school today and cupcakes make my pirates big.” (pirates = privates)

Tiff: “Isaac, this is the day that the Lord has made.” Isaac: “Nope that was yesterday. But I do have Joyce in my heart.”

Drinking Coke gives me nightmares.

(Grabs Tiff face and makes her look at him) Mommy, you’re not Jesus.

Mommy, come! There’s a Hotmergency!

Oh gosh, my heart! (while holding his chest after getting startled)

It was a ask-a-dent. (accident)

Meany meany miney mo, taco potty potty toe

Isaac: Are we real? Jamie: Yes. Isaac: Dang it!

It rained so much today the ground is soaked in wet. (soaking wet)

Who dares disturb my lumber? (slumber)

Tiff: You only have 2 more days of school left til summer! (Isaac reaches his hands down his pants) Tiff: What are you doing? Isaac: I’m squeezing my nuts for joy!

Mommy, pray that the cross will go in my heart. And pray that I will have a piece of blood in my heart. (the peace of God)

(As Tiff gets up to leave after putting an almost-asleep Isaac to bed) Isaac: Mommy, what does the word ‘situation’ mean? Tiff: I don’t know how to explain that word to you right now. Isaac: Come on, for real?  You’re older than fourteen so you HAVE to know.


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