I have a growing desire to write congregational praise and worship songs for the body of Christ. I don’t wanna just write Christian songs for the radio. I want to write anthems that the Body of Christ can sing in unity back to their King on Sunday mornings. Its really a dream of mine – to be a supplier of songs to the church for corporate worship. “Lord We Worship You” is my latest attempt for a opening/upbeat song to be used in a contemporary worship service.

I had been telling God during my prayer time that I didn’t want to ever get used to Him. Familiarity breeds contempt, as the saying goes, and most “spirit-filled” churches consider familiarity with God as not only attainable but desirable. But I wonder how often we get used to God and consider His presence just a normal thing? What a horrible thought! I don’t ever want my interaction with God to be simple routine. I also have always been intrigued with the idea of God’s fragrance as written about in 2 Corinthians 2:14. Just like a hunter may track the scent of his prey, so should the lovers of Jesus pursue His fragrance with restless desire. Its not always easy to crystallize complex thoughts like these into a simple, singable song. Hopefully, this song is successful, though, and can be used for a body of believers to proclaim, “We’re here to worship you – to pursue you and guard our hearts against routine and complacency.”

Lord We Worship You


Here before You, the broken and mended adore You

We pursue You, the humble and hopeful run to You

With all our worship, all our praise


Here in Your presence, Lord we worship You

We chase your fragrance, Lord we worship You


We don’t ever want to get used to Your presence

So we seek You like the first time that we met You

With all our worship, all our praise


Here in this moment, Lord we worship You

We won’t be silent, Lord we worship You.

© Jamie Nunnally 2010


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