by his blood (song)

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Music, Worship
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Have you ever thought about what God’s greatest achievement was? I was thinking one day about how awesome God was – all that He’s created and all He’s done. He’s simply amazing. I began to think of the majesty of the mountains, the beauty of the oceans and all the amazing creatures found here on Earth. Then I began to consider all the great things Jesus – God in context – did while He was on the earth: healing, serving, teaching, etc. But could all of God’s goodness be summed up in one thing He did? If so,  I’d say the best example of the majesty and wonder of God we have is the blood of Jesus. It’s the single most amazing feat ever accomplished. Think about it: death reigned through sin. So what do you do? Obliterate sin, thereby abolishing death. How do you do that? Nullify sin by employing a blood sacrifice given once and for all for mankind’s atonement. What kind of sacrifice could possibly do that? Well, only one person is perfect and qualifies. So He sent Himself (in the form of His son, Jesus) to save the day. The blood of Jesus was God’s masterpiece.

This song attempts to marvel at all of the great things God has done, yet raise of the blood of Christ as His crowning achievement. I feel like the lyrics of the bridge really capture the heart of the song: “Of all of the wonders He has made – His earthly works put on display, I am most thankful for the stone that rolled away.”

From a musical standpoint, I had a difficult time figuring out to play the drums on this one. Its starts out with a very U2 “Beautiful Day” type beat. It seemed to match the music,  but I thought that would be rather obnoxious to do it throughout the whole song. Conversely, a straight-ahead 4/4 rock beat seemed too dull. I finally settled on a hybrid of the two and I think it turned out OK. I hope you like it!

By His Blood

By His words He framed things which are not seen

By His might He called planets into being

By His wisdom He set the stars alight

By His sovereignty day turns into night


But by His blood we have been set free

By His blood we can live in peace

By His blood we live abundantly

By His blood we are made complete

By His blood


By His power He lived a sinless life

By His majesty the blind received their sight

By His strength He did many miracles

By His voice He made the wind obey His words


Of all of the wonders He has made

(His earthly works put on display)

I am most thankful for that stone that rolled away

Of all of the mysteries of His will

(The truths that fascinate me still)

I am most thankful for the blood that Jesus spilled

© Jamie Nunnally 2010


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