forever (song)

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Music, Worship
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One of the most amazing things about Christianity is that it, unlike any other religious path, is based on a person instead of an ideology or system of rules. The fundamental foundation of the Christian faith is a relationship with a person: Jesus – God wrapped in flesh. While other religions attempt to show you how to better yourself until you reach a level that will please God, Christianity teaches that you will never be good enough so Jesus came down to your level and you now please Him by believing in His Son. Whats more, Jesus taught that we could have an intimacy with the Father than sounds quite unreasonable by religious standards. The all-powerful, all-knowing, all-everything Creator-God who is so much better than anything anywhere wants a personal relationship with me? You mean He’s not angry at me and isn’t demanding penance for my sins? Nope – He’s got you covered. His Son took care of it. Just believe and walk with Him and allow Him to change you so you can present Him accurately to others.

This song was born from personal times of intimacy I’ve had with the Father. Most songs I’ve heard that are written from the overflow of personal God-times typically seem to be slower, more contemplative ballads. So of course, mine is the heaviest song I’ve recorded to date.  But I think there is a truth found in there somewhere – intimacy doesn’t mean quiet. It means connected, passionate and honest. This is encapsulated by the lyric “Sometimes I sit in silence, sometimes I like to shout.” It doesn’t matter how you come to Him – just come to Him in purity. Anything less than honest, authentic interaction with God is dead religion.

Musically, I’ve always been attracted to the combination of heavy and pretty – harmony and dissonance. Bands like King’s X and Galactic Cowboys have always topped my playlist because even though their musical style is hard rock, they use layered harmony and “pretty” chord progressions. In light of that, I think its fitting that the song that has really turned into my spiritual theme song sounds like a Broadway tune played by a rock band. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my private time with God.


Sometimes I like to think back of how good You’ve been to me

When I asked for a little but You gave me everything

And now I’m overwhelmed with a feeling in my heart

That’s beating for my Savior and consuming every part

Sometimes I like to think back of the times You’ve rescued me

When I would act so foolish and was way to blind to see

That all I really needed was to let Your hand guide

And all I really wanted was to be right by Your side


I need You, I want You, I…


I’ll love You

Love You forever


Sometimes I sit in silence and sometimes I like to shout

Sometimes I just talk to You and let you hear me out

But the times when I feel closest and can hear Your voice the best

Are when Your arms are wrapped around me and my head’s upon Your chest

© 2010 Jamie Nunnally


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