god likes you

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Christianity
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Do you remember in grade school when someone would pass a “do you like me – check yes or no” note to someone they liked? Well guess what? If you passed the note to God, He would check “yes.”

God likes you.

Read that statement again. Do you really believe it? Do you merely agree with it in theory or has it worked its way into your heart yet? Christians are taught that God loves us – we’ve heard that regularly and most of us believe it, at least from a theological standpoint. But the idea that God likes us – enjoys our company and wants to be around us – is a little harder to wrap our minds around.

Most of us project our relationships with our natural parents, especially our fathers, onto God. The problem is, even the most patient, loving and enduring parent gets annoyed with their kids from time to time and needs a break from them.  But God’s not that way.  If you’re on a “break” from God, He’s waiting on you to return. He never left. He never tires of you. He likes being with you.

How do I know God likes you? What scripture can I use to prove my point? Well, I could extrapolate a few verses here and there but the best proof is in the larger picture of God’s interaction with mankind. Would you create and keep something You didn’t like? No we’d trash it. Yet God is long-suffering towards His creation. Would you die for someone you didn’t like? No way. Yet God took the full weight of the penalty our sin required – death – on Himself. If God doesn’t like you why does He do the things He does on your behalf? I mean, He’s God – its not like any one is making Him sustain your life. He wants to do it.

Of course, the fact that God likes you doesn’t mean He won’t correct you or ask you to change. He loves you too much to leave you the way you are. He cares about you too much to allow sin to destroy your life. But you don’t have to bear the weight of trying to please an annoyed God who simply puts up with you. He just doesn’t see you that way.

I encourage you to embrace the idea that God likes you. Not only is it true from a theological stand point, but its practical application to your life will allow you to live freely and passionately as you pursue the One who likes you!


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