you are wonderful (song)

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Music, Worship
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“You Are Wonderful” is probably the most well-received of any of the worship songs I’ve written to date. I was playing around with the verse chords one day before music practice at church and one of the singers heard it and said “ooh that’s pretty.” Later, when I  sat down to write, those chords came back to mind. The original version of this song had the exact same verse/pre-chorus music and lyrics but with a totally different chorus altogether. I had titled it “You’re a Miracle” and was trying to explore the idea of how Jesus had done the impossible for us. I excitedly played the first draft for my wife and I believe her exact words after hearing it were, “You’re a miracle – really? Sounds like the title of a Christmas musical.” Thanks, sweetheart. She was right, though – it stunk. I went back to the drawing board, hammered out some new lyrics and paired them with the  current chorus music.

Soon after its completion, I introduced it to my home church where they received it really well. Shortly after that,  I did it at a women’s conference where I lead worship annually and I remember being surprised how quickly everyone picked it up on first listen. We still do this one regularly at VFC and every year I go back to the women’s conference, someone requests it. I pray that as you listen you’ll let God captivate your heart and fascinate your soul. Special thanks to Dana King for singing alto on this recording.

You Are Wonderful

Great and mighty, awesome, holy

You are to me

Loving, gracious, just and righteous

You are, my King


All the earth declares Your beauty

And I proclaim who You are to me


You are wonderful, kind and beautiful

You captivate my heart, You fascinate my soul

You wash away the shame, Your mercy makes me whole

Jesus, You are Lord, strong and powerful

High above the earth, God of endless worth

You are wonderful

© Jamie Nunnally


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