glory in the highest (song)

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Music, Worship
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Its fun to think about what Heaven will be like. During my years as a Youth Pastor my students were constantly asking me things like, “Will our pets be in heaven?” “Will we recognize each other there?” “What in the world will we do for all that time?” My favorite is the last question. I mean, eternity…gosh. What are we gonna do? Unfortunately the media has filled our heads with images of pudgy babies strumming harps on clouds. Man, that’s boring!

The Book of Revelation paints a much different picture of our upcoming Heavenly experience. In Revelation 4 the throne room of God is described in detail and man, its anything but boring! Crazy creatures, thunder and lightening, and insanely passionate 24/7 worship! Later in chapter 7, the saints get in on the action in a fiery, fervent display of heartfelt adoration. How fun would it be to be a part of that?!

I started thinking about Heaven’s worship circus one day and ending up writing the song “Glory in the Highest.” It attempts to remind worshipers that we have the awesome opportunity to begin practicing for our future heavenly praise party. For now, our services may only be a mere taste of whats to come, but even so, when we join in with the angels, we can experience a measure of His glory here on earth.

Glory in the Highest

Deep inside Heaven’s gates, there is found a throne of praise

The angels sing night and day, the saints adore His holy name


Glory, honor and power to the Maker of all things

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


Glory in the highest, Glory in the highest

Glory in the highest, He Reigns, He reigns


As we join heaven’s song, the angels dance and sing along

When we seek His holy face, His glory falls and fills this place

© 2010 Jamie Nunnally

  1. john edwards says:

    i believe we will all be sitting around laughing at how wrong we are were lol

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