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Posted: November 5, 2010 in Christianity, Music, Worship
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Now that I have a CD out, I’m finding that I’m not really comfortable with the amount of self-promotion it takes to be an independent artist. You see, a recording artist signed to a record label has a whole team of people who get paid to tell everyone how great the artist is, obsess over how he is presented to the public and try to get others to like him. An independent artist on the other hand, has to do all of that himself. So as someone who has spent the last 15-years of his life trying his best to beat the pride and self-preservation out for the sake of trusting God alone, I am feeling very conflicted promoting my new CD. Especially since the CD I released is made up of worship music intended to glorify and bring fame to Another.

I have a real fear of not being liked or accepted. Most people have this fear to at least some degree but it seems to go beyond even that for me: I have a real fear of people thinking I’m a jerk. My skin is way too thin. I don’t like the idea that anyone would think I’m in love with myself, selfish, conceited or arrogant.  In the past I have been all of these things and as hard as it is to admit it sometimes it still creeps up on me.  Of course as I write this, I’m realizing that assuming my fear of rejection is worse than others’ fear of rejection is yet another way of being self-focused. Stinkin’ flesh!

So here I am. New CD. No promotion team. Gotta self-promote. *Sigh*

I just need to get over myself. I just need to trust that people will believe the best.  If someone wants to be offended at me, they are going to find a reason – music or not.  I just can’t control what others think about me no matter how how I try. If God called me to do this, then he’ll protect me and see me through.

I just emailed a major record label exec and unashamedly asked for some face-time next week. Take that, fear of failure!

So here its comes, a barrage of  “me, me, me” from…well, me.

  1. Kristie Wooten says:

    Don’t know WHICH “Major Record Label” guy you’ve spoken to, but I sent a link to your blog w/ the album info–and a brief statement about how wonderful Jamie Nunnally is, just for good measure 🙂 –to my friend Chris (president/CEO @ in:ciite media). You can see his blog here: By the way, the coolest thing about him–he’s married to Miss Pattycake! Hope he’s able to get back with you.

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks Kristie! I have an “email relationship” with an A/R guy at Integrity Music. I’m going to be in Mobile next week for a Worship Leader’s conference so I figured I’d at least ask to meet! We’ll see if it develops into anything more.

      I had heard of in:ciite because Travis Cottrell. As a fellow ladies conference worship leader (I don’t know why – it just always works out that way!) Travis is a guy I’ve really admired. Very cool! Hopefully I’ll hear from Chris. Thanks again.

  2. Chris King says:

    You don’t need to worry about it bro! Like you said, people are always going to form their own opinions of who we are. There is just simply nothing you can do about it. Only focus on the things that you can do something about. You have made an awesome cd, so go and promote and be proud of that fact. I think you and your whole family is great. If anybody thinks any different, well just tell them they need to talk to me!

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