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Time to share a new song!

I’m not sure if I heard someone first use the phrase or if it just came to me one day. But the idea of “failing forward” has become an important part of how I view my walk with Christ.  This is a balanced approach instead of doing what many Christians do – tend towards extremes.

Some see their love walk with God as a mission, a goal to be attained and an end to be reached. Did my daily bible reading – check. Prayed for at least 15 minutes – check. Didn’t cuss, drink, smoke or have gay sex – check. Now what’s on TV? The problem with task-oriented Christianity is that Christianity, by nature, is not a task. Its a relationship. Spouses who treat their significant others as items on a to-do list have marriage problems. Similarly, Christians who treat their walk with God as a daily objective won’t ever get as close to Him as their hearts desire. Its not what’s He’s asking for and they’ll never be happy because they’ll always fall short of the self-imposed chores they’ve created.

Which brings us to our next extreme: the spiritually lazy. These folks have realized that they will never be able to keep the list of rules needed to be a “good Christian” so they quit. I’ve heard this sometimes referred to as “greasy grace” where someone just does what they want and just assumes the “grace” of God will cover it. Of course what they really are counting on is mercy, not grace, but its an unbiblical mercy. They have learned to not be task oriented (that’s good) but instead they are content with no spiritual growth (that’s bad).

Instead of these two extremes, I believe God is calling us to live a life “failing forward.” With this mentality, the Christian understands that they can never please God with a check list and knows they will make mistakes. However, instead of wallowing in their shortcomings, they choose to embrace the love relationship Jesus provided (thru scriptural grace) and continue moving forward through their shortcomings. This way the objective is not perfection, but movement in the right direction. This is what will bring true growth.

So I wrote a song about it! Music and lyrics are below. It’s just a rough home demo so don’t expect the quality of my EP or anything. I hope it ministers to you!

Failing Forward


It’s OK to not be OK

It’s all right to not be all right

Your father knows your frame is dust

So now He’s asking you to trust


Jesus sees us

As we are in Him, covered by His blood

Jesus meets us

Right where we are, offering His love

And His grace is our reward

As we run to Him failing forward


Don’t count your sins, repent and then forget them

Come on, get back up and don’t lose your momentum

‘Cause God’s not shocked and does not get worried

He already knows you fall short of His glory


It’s a process that I’ll never quite complete

But still I seek His holiness in me

And if I fall I’ll crawl until I’m on my feet

Because there’s only one direction toward only One I need:

Forward, failing forward


Just finished a new song called “Now Is the Time.” This is meant to be a fast praise song/opener for a contemporary worship service. I wanted to write something that captured the essence of making a quality decision to follow Jesus. I wanted a no-turning-back-once-and-for-all-I’ve-made-my-decision song where we could declare together “God, I’m done with doing things my way – it’s all about you from here on out.”

The bridge to this song was written by my good friend Jim Courtney. He got the lines “I lift my hands with purpose…” one Sunday morning when the praise team was in prayer before the service. He just handed me the scribbled lyrics and I immediately knew they’d make a great summarizing bridge to this song which, at that time, was about half-written.

Hope you enjoy. Its just a demo, but I think you can get the idea of the song. VFC’ers, you might wanna go ahead and learn this one. 🙂

Now is the Time

I’m ready to answer the call

I’m ready to give my all

I lay aside the weight of sin

I’m pushing on and pressing in


Now is the time, today is the day

I’m getting tired of being in the way

Oh Jesus, It’s all about You now

Now is the time for stepping aside

I’m leaving my independence and pride

Oh Jesus, It’s all about You now.


I’m ready to run the race

I’m ready to take my place

I lay aside the weight of sin

I’m pushing on and pressing in


I lift my hands with purpose

I raise my voice to sing

The life that I’ve been given

Becomes my offering

© Jamie Nunnally 2011

I want to share a new song with everyone! It’s a break from the typical worship stuff I do and is more along the lines of a Christian radio song. I’m actually planning on entering this one into a songwriting contest. While my focus and passion is worship music, I like to try to write songs for all purposes and genres just to see if I can. Usually, I can’t. 🙂

The song started out as a boy/girl love song and eventually morphed into a monologue by God (Godologue?) to those who have rejected Him. I began to consider what it would sound like if God wrote a love song to the people that didn’t accept His “advances.” He’s essentially pleading with them here to reconsider their choice and make sure they grasp the full ramifications of a life without Him. Pretty heavy stuff. I tried to match the music to the subject’s tone by using “pretty” chords, a haunting melody and lots of dynamics. Hopefully it captures both the beauty of grace and the heartache of rejection. God is not to be pitied. But I believe His heart is affected when the creation He loves doesn’t respond to His call.

On a technical note, there is some distortion throughout, especially in the very beginning that is not on the original recording but is due to the free (read: sucky) service I use to post music on here. If you want a high-quality MP3 just message me.

Please let me know what you think!

I Can’t Be Here

Are you sure you understand

That if you do not take my hand

You reject the Son I sent

And love that’s closer than a friend?


Don’t you know and can’t you see

I’ll be gone, ‘cause you told me to leave

If you’ll cry out I’ll wipe your tears

But you have said I can’t be here


Are you sure you comprehend

That if you say this is the end

What you’ve done I can’t defend

And you’ll be on your own again?


Can you see, do you know

Will this be what you want

In a week, in a month

Down the road, later on?


Are you sure you’ve thought of when

This world you chase is gone again

Will your choice to serve your sin

Have consequence you don’t intend?

© 2011 Jamie Nunnally