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Time to share another song! This one is called “We Are Yours” and is intended to be a declaration of being “all in” when it comes to God. I wanted to supply words for the congregation, youth group and retreat attendees that had made the quality decision that their lives are going to be spent seeking the face of God. One of my friends who previewed the song for me said that it sounded surprisingly “dark” compared to my other stuff. It was a great compliment. 🙂 With all the things of the world vying for our attention and affection, I think its time for the church to get a little intense and shake off the things that hold us back. After all the declarations are said and done, the bridge brings the song together with a heartfelt prayer for more of Him. I hope you like it!

To all my music snob friends: yes, I know the bass is sharp. Yes, I know the drums are too busy on the 2nd verse. Yes, the tempo is a tad fast. And yes it needs some solo work on the after-chorus turnarounds. Thanks. 🙂


We Are Yours

We are the seekers; we are chasing after You

We are relentless; we’ll never cease in our pursuit

We are forgiven; we are the objects of Your grace and mercy

And now we’re hungry for more than what our natural eyes can see

We are an army; our weapons are the ways of love

We are expecting to see Your Kingdom flood the earth

We are so thankful, relieved and grateful that You’ve saved our lives

And now we’re ready to be a people that reflect Heaven’s light


We are Yours, We are Yours

We are Yours, We are Yours alone, Lord


We are the restless; we’ll persevere until we see

We are rejecting all that the world is offering

We are Your children, we’ve seen Your heart and we have felt Your hand

And now we’re asking, give us the power to fulfill Your plan


All consuming fire, loose Your flame among us

Burn a new desire, let Your glory fill us


Just finished a new song called “Now Is the Time.” This is meant to be a fast praise song/opener for a contemporary worship service. I wanted to write something that captured the essence of making a quality decision to follow Jesus. I wanted a no-turning-back-once-and-for-all-I’ve-made-my-decision song where we could declare together “God, I’m done with doing things my way – it’s all about you from here on out.”

The bridge to this song was written by my good friend Jim Courtney. He got the lines “I lift my hands with purpose…” one Sunday morning when the praise team was in prayer before the service. He just handed me the scribbled lyrics and I immediately knew they’d make a great summarizing bridge to this song which, at that time, was about half-written.

Hope you enjoy. Its just a demo, but I think you can get the idea of the song. VFC’ers, you might wanna go ahead and learn this one. 🙂

Now is the Time

I’m ready to answer the call

I’m ready to give my all

I lay aside the weight of sin

I’m pushing on and pressing in


Now is the time, today is the day

I’m getting tired of being in the way

Oh Jesus, It’s all about You now

Now is the time for stepping aside

I’m leaving my independence and pride

Oh Jesus, It’s all about You now.


I’m ready to run the race

I’m ready to take my place

I lay aside the weight of sin

I’m pushing on and pressing in


I lift my hands with purpose

I raise my voice to sing

The life that I’ve been given

Becomes my offering

© Jamie Nunnally 2011

I just finished a new song called Hope Remains and I wanted to share it with everyone. Still trying to decide if its congregational and appropriate for Sunday morning worship or not. Feel free to weigh in. Our praise team at VFC was supposed to do it for special music last weekend but it just didn’t work out.

Lyrically, I wanted to focus on hope – that eternal, remaining gift from Heaven that seems to always take a backseat to faith and love (1 Cor. 13:13). I wanted to write an anthem that showed what it looked like when we emptied ourselves – our fears, questions and insecurities and just held on to the hope of our salvation through Jesus. The song ends with what is hopefully a very rousing and effective declaration that no matter what life hands us, we will cling to hope and let it be the anchor of our souls (Hebrews 6:19).

Musically, I tried to keep it simple enough to sing but interesting enough that it didn’t sound like everything else. The turnaround and bridge chords/melody are extremely pop-typical so I tried to make the verse and chorus chords/melody a little more unique. And I love the guitar part on top of the chorus (“All that I am…”) – it just sounds so pretty to me.

Ok, so here are the excuses: I recorded all the instruments in 2 hours and all vocals in 30 minutes so its not like this is gonna be high quality, people! But hey, it didn’t cost anything! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the song and pray that you’re encouraged to hold fast hope!

Hope Remains

Hope is rising up and strengthening my faith

The fear that held me back has now begun to fade


All that I am I give away, ‘til nothing is left, just hope remains


Hope is sinking in and keeping me secure

And as I trust and wait, I patiently endure


All that I am I give away ‘til nothing is left, just hope remains

I’m confident that God will save and as I believe, my hope remains


So when the pressure’s building and I can feel the weight

I know my God still loves me I won’t hold back my praise

When disappointment finds me and things don’t go my way

My joy will not be stolen, no one can take my faith

And I won’t stop pursuing,  no I won’t be afraid

Though I’m not sure what’s coming I know that hope remains


Whoa, hope remains

In the Fall of 2010 I released my first CD of original worship music called Forever. I’ve had several requests for chords charts, so below is a PDF file for each song on the album with lyrics and chords. Nothing would please me more than for you to use one or more of these songs in your church’s worship service!

Cover Art

Lord We Worship You – Chords & Lyrics

Adonai – Chords & Lyrics

Forever – Lyrics and Chords

You Are Wonderful – Chords & Lyrics

You Are So Good to Me – Chords & Lyrics

Be My Everything – Chords & Lyrics

So Close to Me – Chords & Lyrics

By His Blood – Chords & Lyrics

We Pray – Chords & Lyrics

Lord I Trust You – Chords & Lyrics

Save Me – Chords & Lyrics

Found in You – Chords & Lyrics

Take Me Away – Chords & Lyrics

Glory in the Highest – Chords & Lyrics

Hey, I got an idea. BUY MY CD.

Yeah, you heard me right. After about a year of writing, re-writing, recording, re-recording, annoying my family, thinking about it, almost quitting, wash rinse and repeat, I finally have a solo CD out! Woo hoo! Yeah I’m pretty flippin excited. The CD is called “Forever” and has 14 tracks with over an hour of original worship music written for contemporary worship services, youth groups and Christian conferences.

Here are a few ways to get your grubby little hands on it, with more coming:

1) For those of you who want a physical copy, the easiest way to get one is to buy it directly from me at the CD table at my home church, VFC. Cost: $10

2) Want a physical copy but don’t live in Thomasville? Or maybe you live in T’ville but *gasp* don’t go to VFC? Click HERE to order the CD directly from me. You can pay via Credit/Debit card or Paypal and have it shipped right to you. Cost: $10 plus shipping. (Note: I don’t control shipping costs!)

3) Think physical CDs are so 2000 and late? Click HERE to go to and download the album (or individual tracks) in MP3 format (it will work on iPods and MP3 players like Zune.) This is also a good place to listen to samples of each song. They also sell physical copies here. Cost: $9.99 for the whole digital album, $0.99 per individual track or $11.99 + shipping for the physical CD. (For a limited time you can download track 4, “You Are Wonderful” for FREE! Just sign in, select that song and select “download selected songs.” You’re welcome!) ***UPDATE: The digital album is now available on iTunes and!

4) Rayann’s Christian Bookstore in Thomasville sells it. Cost: $11.99+tax.

The music is also available on several online music streaming services like Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Liquid Digital, and Verizon V-cast.

If you don’t have any money and can’t buy the CD, that’s OK – I love you still. Just go to my music Myspace page and enjoy the songs I’ve posted up there for free. Yeah, free. You can’t beat that with a stick!

If you’re still reading, I want to share why I did this. I didn’t set out to make a CD. My original intent for recording was to get the songs that were in my head out into a format where the church praise team could learn them and play them for our worship services. After beginning the process, with much encouragement from friends and family and much wishy-washiness on my part, I felt like some of these songs were possibly decent enough to share with others. As a worship leader for many years, I sometimes have trouble finding songs for Sunday morning services that “work” for corporate worship. There are many great songs out there but a lot are either hard to sing or impossible to recreate with local church musicians. My prayer is to write spiritual anthems that everyone can worship to. I have no desire to be a worship performer. I just want to be a supplier. It has become a dream of mine to furnish God’s people with Body-songs they can bless Him with.

I am not trying to make a bunch of money from this – I just want cover my cost (this project has been funded by me personally) and possibly upgrade to some better recording equipment for the future. If your church would like to begin doing some of these songs for their services, nothing would please me more. In the coming weeks, I am planning on posting song lyrics and chord charts and eventually creating Youtube videos with lyrics.  Let me know if you wanna help.

Speaking of help, (are you seriously still reading this?) if you want to help get my music out there, all you have to do is share it. Buy a copy for your music minister or youth pastor. Go to iTunes and and post a favorable review. Go to the Myspace page and each song has a share link where you can post it on Facebook, Twitter, or your personal blog. You can even email direct links of specific songs to your address book. Anything you’d be willing to do will be a huge help.

Its my genuine, heartfelt hope that you are blessed by this music. And it would be an even bigger blessing to me if you use these songs to bless our Father!

Cover Art

“You Are Wonderful” is probably the most well-received of any of the worship songs I’ve written to date. I was playing around with the verse chords one day before music practice at church and one of the singers heard it and said “ooh that’s pretty.” Later, when I  sat down to write, those chords came back to mind. The original version of this song had the exact same verse/pre-chorus music and lyrics but with a totally different chorus altogether. I had titled it “You’re a Miracle” and was trying to explore the idea of how Jesus had done the impossible for us. I excitedly played the first draft for my wife and I believe her exact words after hearing it were, “You’re a miracle – really? Sounds like the title of a Christmas musical.” Thanks, sweetheart. She was right, though – it stunk. I went back to the drawing board, hammered out some new lyrics and paired them with the  current chorus music.

Soon after its completion, I introduced it to my home church where they received it really well. Shortly after that,  I did it at a women’s conference where I lead worship annually and I remember being surprised how quickly everyone picked it up on first listen. We still do this one regularly at VFC and every year I go back to the women’s conference, someone requests it. I pray that as you listen you’ll let God captivate your heart and fascinate your soul. Special thanks to Dana King for singing alto on this recording.

You Are Wonderful

Great and mighty, awesome, holy

You are to me

Loving, gracious, just and righteous

You are, my King


All the earth declares Your beauty

And I proclaim who You are to me


You are wonderful, kind and beautiful

You captivate my heart, You fascinate my soul

You wash away the shame, Your mercy makes me whole

Jesus, You are Lord, strong and powerful

High above the earth, God of endless worth

You are wonderful

© Jamie Nunnally

One of the most amazing things about Christianity is that it, unlike any other religious path, is based on a person instead of an ideology or system of rules. The fundamental foundation of the Christian faith is a relationship with a person: Jesus – God wrapped in flesh. While other religions attempt to show you how to better yourself until you reach a level that will please God, Christianity teaches that you will never be good enough so Jesus came down to your level and you now please Him by believing in His Son. Whats more, Jesus taught that we could have an intimacy with the Father than sounds quite unreasonable by religious standards. The all-powerful, all-knowing, all-everything Creator-God who is so much better than anything anywhere wants a personal relationship with me? You mean He’s not angry at me and isn’t demanding penance for my sins? Nope – He’s got you covered. His Son took care of it. Just believe and walk with Him and allow Him to change you so you can present Him accurately to others.

This song was born from personal times of intimacy I’ve had with the Father. Most songs I’ve heard that are written from the overflow of personal God-times typically seem to be slower, more contemplative ballads. So of course, mine is the heaviest song I’ve recorded to date.  But I think there is a truth found in there somewhere – intimacy doesn’t mean quiet. It means connected, passionate and honest. This is encapsulated by the lyric “Sometimes I sit in silence, sometimes I like to shout.” It doesn’t matter how you come to Him – just come to Him in purity. Anything less than honest, authentic interaction with God is dead religion.

Musically, I’ve always been attracted to the combination of heavy and pretty – harmony and dissonance. Bands like King’s X and Galactic Cowboys have always topped my playlist because even though their musical style is hard rock, they use layered harmony and “pretty” chord progressions. In light of that, I think its fitting that the song that has really turned into my spiritual theme song sounds like a Broadway tune played by a rock band. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my private time with God.


Sometimes I like to think back of how good You’ve been to me

When I asked for a little but You gave me everything

And now I’m overwhelmed with a feeling in my heart

That’s beating for my Savior and consuming every part

Sometimes I like to think back of the times You’ve rescued me

When I would act so foolish and was way to blind to see

That all I really needed was to let Your hand guide

And all I really wanted was to be right by Your side


I need You, I want You, I…


I’ll love You

Love You forever


Sometimes I sit in silence and sometimes I like to shout

Sometimes I just talk to You and let you hear me out

But the times when I feel closest and can hear Your voice the best

Are when Your arms are wrapped around me and my head’s upon Your chest

© 2010 Jamie Nunnally