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My home church, Victory Fellowship Church, has just released a new worship album! It’s called “So Close to Me” and features 79 minutes of music and 13 songs.

The CD was recorded live at the church during a night of praise and worship and features many original songs among other favorites of our congregation. This is an actual live album – not one that was recorded live then re-recorded in the studio. A few things were fixed here and there in post-production but there are no overdubs and you can find mistakes if you’re looking for them!

I’m so proud of the praise team at VFC. They are truly a group of servants who genuinely want nothing more than to please the Father. It’s rare to find authentic worship musicians with no pride or ulterior motives and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to lead this team! We pray that as you listen and worship along with us, the same thickness of His presence we felt in our sanctuary that night would find you right where you listen. Check out one the songs on the CD called “Alabaster Jar” below.

We are asking for $10 donations for this CD in order to raise money for new sound equipment. If you’d like to get a copy, they are available at our church or just click HERE to donate $10 (Paypal, Credit/Debit) and pay to have it shipped directly to you.


In the Fall of 2010 I released my first CD of original worship music called Forever. I’ve had several requests for chords charts, so below is a PDF file for each song on the album with lyrics and chords. Nothing would please me more than for you to use one or more of these songs in your church’s worship service!

Cover Art

Lord We Worship You – Chords & Lyrics

Adonai – Chords & Lyrics

Forever – Lyrics and Chords

You Are Wonderful – Chords & Lyrics

You Are So Good to Me – Chords & Lyrics

Be My Everything – Chords & Lyrics

So Close to Me – Chords & Lyrics

By His Blood – Chords & Lyrics

We Pray – Chords & Lyrics

Lord I Trust You – Chords & Lyrics

Save Me – Chords & Lyrics

Found in You – Chords & Lyrics

Take Me Away – Chords & Lyrics

Glory in the Highest – Chords & Lyrics

Its fun to think about what Heaven will be like. During my years as a Youth Pastor my students were constantly asking me things like, “Will our pets be in heaven?” “Will we recognize each other there?” “What in the world will we do for all that time?” My favorite is the last question. I mean, eternity…gosh. What are we gonna do? Unfortunately the media has filled our heads with images of pudgy babies strumming harps on clouds. Man, that’s boring!

The Book of Revelation paints a much different picture of our upcoming Heavenly experience. In Revelation 4 the throne room of God is described in detail and man, its anything but boring! Crazy creatures, thunder and lightening, and insanely passionate 24/7 worship! Later in chapter 7, the saints get in on the action in a fiery, fervent display of heartfelt adoration. How fun would it be to be a part of that?!

I started thinking about Heaven’s worship circus one day and ending up writing the song “Glory in the Highest.” It attempts to remind worshipers that we have the awesome opportunity to begin practicing for our future heavenly praise party. For now, our services may only be a mere taste of whats to come, but even so, when we join in with the angels, we can experience a measure of His glory here on earth.

Glory in the Highest

Deep inside Heaven’s gates, there is found a throne of praise

The angels sing night and day, the saints adore His holy name


Glory, honor and power to the Maker of all things

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


Glory in the highest, Glory in the highest

Glory in the highest, He Reigns, He reigns


As we join heaven’s song, the angels dance and sing along

When we seek His holy face, His glory falls and fills this place

© 2010 Jamie Nunnally

I am happy to report that in about two weeks, I’ll officially have a solo album out. Its been about a year in the making but it looks like its actually going to happen! Over 60 minutes of original worship music has been recorded, mixed and mastered and the final album art was just finished. It will be available for download on, iTunes and Amazon MP3. There will also be a website for direct CD sales and of course I’ll have some available at my home church, VFC.

The point of this CD is to supply songs to the body of Christ for corporate worship. My desire is to write singable, musically relevant, yet spiritually potent songs that a church congregation can learn easily and use for praise and worship services. Please pray that God would use these songs to bless His people and that we, in turn, can use them to bless Him back.  Look for more info in the near future!

Jamie Nunnally – Forever

Cover Art

Track Listing

1. Lord We Worship You

2. Adonai

3. Forever

4. You Are Wonderful

5. You Are So Good to Me

6. Be My Everything

7. So Close To Me

8. By His Blood

9. We Pray

10. Lord I Trust You

11. Save Me

12. Found in You

13. Take Me Away

14. Glory in the Highest

This is one of the most confusing songs I’ve ever written. After being challenged by a line in a book by Bill Johnson, I had started praying that God would allow me to introduce one of Heaven’s songs to Earth. Several weeks later I literally woke up with the chorus to this song in my head. I jumped out of bed all groggy and recorded a scratchy-voiced sample so I wouldn’t forget it. I knew I had never heard it before but it seemed so familiar. I’m fully aware this could be interpreted as flaky at best and pure arrogance at worst but I genuinely believe this chorus is a heavenly song. The problem is, what do I do with something like that?

I began to sing just the chorus as a “tag” on the end of other songs during worship and ministry times at church and could really sense purpose behind it. Wanting to use it somehow, I made it the bridge to another song that I had been working on called “I Am Not Ashamed” but in the end, it just didn’t seem to fit. Then, I wrote verses and a bridge around it and turned it into a song about praising God regardless of the trials life can bring, a la “Praise You in the Storm” by Casting Crowns. It wasn’t bad. The problem was, while it was worshipful, it wasn’t a worship song – more like something you’d hear for offering music. Finally, I wrote the song in its current congregational worship form and feel really comfortable with it.

Musically, I decided to make this a quieter piano-based song for the recording instead of the typical full-band effort. Once I introduce it to our congregation we’ll probably have more instrumentation but for now, I like the quiet intimacy of the piano.  Special thanks to my older brother Sam for playing the keyboard on this as I play the piano like Joaquin Phoenix raps.

You Are So Good to Me

When You found me I was unworthy

I earned judgment but You loved mercy

Now your grace falls and makes me holy

You’re calling me

You’re drawing me to You


God Almighty, Lord of Glory

You are so good to me, so good to me


You’re not looking for perfection

Your desire is connection

So now I’m changing my direction

You’re calling me

You’re drawing me closer


Your thoughts are higher

Your ways are better

Your love is deeper

I’m bound no longer

© Jamie Nunnally 2010

Have you ever thought about what God’s greatest achievement was? I was thinking one day about how awesome God was – all that He’s created and all He’s done. He’s simply amazing. I began to think of the majesty of the mountains, the beauty of the oceans and all the amazing creatures found here on Earth. Then I began to consider all the great things Jesus – God in context – did while He was on the earth: healing, serving, teaching, etc. But could all of God’s goodness be summed up in one thing He did? If so,  I’d say the best example of the majesty and wonder of God we have is the blood of Jesus. It’s the single most amazing feat ever accomplished. Think about it: death reigned through sin. So what do you do? Obliterate sin, thereby abolishing death. How do you do that? Nullify sin by employing a blood sacrifice given once and for all for mankind’s atonement. What kind of sacrifice could possibly do that? Well, only one person is perfect and qualifies. So He sent Himself (in the form of His son, Jesus) to save the day. The blood of Jesus was God’s masterpiece.

This song attempts to marvel at all of the great things God has done, yet raise of the blood of Christ as His crowning achievement. I feel like the lyrics of the bridge really capture the heart of the song: “Of all of the wonders He has made – His earthly works put on display, I am most thankful for the stone that rolled away.”

From a musical standpoint, I had a difficult time figuring out to play the drums on this one. Its starts out with a very U2 “Beautiful Day” type beat. It seemed to match the music,  but I thought that would be rather obnoxious to do it throughout the whole song. Conversely, a straight-ahead 4/4 rock beat seemed too dull. I finally settled on a hybrid of the two and I think it turned out OK. I hope you like it!

By His Blood

By His words He framed things which are not seen

By His might He called planets into being

By His wisdom He set the stars alight

By His sovereignty day turns into night


But by His blood we have been set free

By His blood we can live in peace

By His blood we live abundantly

By His blood we are made complete

By His blood


By His power He lived a sinless life

By His majesty the blind received their sight

By His strength He did many miracles

By His voice He made the wind obey His words


Of all of the wonders He has made

(His earthly works put on display)

I am most thankful for that stone that rolled away

Of all of the mysteries of His will

(The truths that fascinate me still)

I am most thankful for the blood that Jesus spilled

© Jamie Nunnally 2010

I recently began recording some original praise and worship songs during the Fall of 2009. Its been a long process because 1) I don’t have a lot of free time and 2) I’m recording each song in quite possibly the most inefficient way possible – by myself,  track by track. Why did I do it track by track? Please refer to point number one.  Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to post these songs as I got them in semi-finished condition and tell the story of how each one came about. I hope you like them.

Back in 2003,  my brother Sam and I sat down to write a few worship songs for our local congregation. Sam sensed that God was dealing with our church about trusting Him and wanted us to write a song where we could, as a unified body, declare our trust in the Lord. I had been playing around with some chords that eventually became the chorus to this song. After a short time of us both sharing, suggesting and editing lyrics, we had “Lord I Trust You.” Over 7 years later this simple song is still in regular rotation at VFC and serves as a reminder that no matter what goes on in our lives, we can trust our God who loves us and is always faithful.

Lord I Trust You

Lord I trust You, I give You my hopes and dreams

Like a child in his daddy’s arms I rely on You for everything

Only You know what I need


Lord I Trust You, I do


Lord, I trust You, I feed upon Your faithfulness

I’ll do what You say to do ’cause I know You only want the best

I’ll walk in faith and I’ll be blessed


© Jamie Nunnally 2010