Jamie Nunnally

Welcome to my world! By day I work in training and support for a software company and by night I juggle being the student ministries pastor and worship leader at my local church. The reason I get up every morning is to love and nurture the three best kids in the world and to attempt to love my incredible wife more than myself. No question – I hit the jackpot. God isn’t just a part of my life – He’s intertwined in every aspect of it. He watches movies with me, corrects me, makes me laugh, reminds me, listens to music with me, teaches me, roots for Alabama football with me, scares the crap out me, and unconditionally loves me. Its an amazing thing.

While I have been heavily involved in music my whole life, recently I have been unable to shake the strong desire to write songs for the body of Christ. I recorded a  full-length album of original worship at my home studio in 2010 and more recently went to a real studio and did a professional EP.  If you’re interested in hearing more of my music, head on over to http://jamienunnally.com.

God bless!

  1. Kim Murphy Parrish says:

    I stumbled on your blog when I found Sam’s. Obviously, I need better things to do with my time. You would think being a homescool mom of 3 kids would be enough, but not really! Anyway, I loved your blog about things you thought you would never say. Our homes must be similar. I just had to yell out my front door and tell my 4 year old not to pee on the neighboor mail box. Even worse is that Saturday during our garage sale he peed on the oak tree in our front yard. Oh well! It keeps life interesting! Tell Tiffany and your Mom and Dad hello. I will be in T’vill August 4 – 11.

  2. Depend on Him says:

    Hi Jamie – Good blog, we young men of the faith need to build eachother up! I’m adding you to my blog roll. Peace, Justin

  3. John Draper says:

    Hello. You don’t know me. (I think.) Anyway, my daughter just graduated summa cum laude from a Christian college and she’s totally burned out on religion. All it has done is make her miserable. She’s a perfectionist, so to her, God is a harsh, unloving taskmaster.

    Anyway, she has started a blog, to try to grapple will some of her thoughts. The tagline for her blog is “Looking for truth after graduating from Christian college with a degree in Bible-theology.”

    Here’s the link to her blog. It would be great if you could become a Follower and just give her the benefit of your perspective – whether or not that perspective is religion-friendly. Just as long as it’s YOUR perspective.

    Lastly, please don’t let on that I told you about her blog.

    Here’s the URL, again:


    Please cc this email to other women who know who have dealt with perfectionism.

    P.S. – I’m sure I sound like a meddling, manipulative parent. Maybe I am. But I don’t really care what you say to my daughter. Your answers don’t have to be Politically Correct in terms of Evangelicalism. For me, I’m always suspicious of Easy Answers. You can tell her to just ditch the whole Christianity thing. That’s fine with me. Just so she knows someone is listening. Other than me.

    — john

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